Complete warehousing
and distribution

Complete Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

Interpac has over 200,000 square feet of storage space for our customers in Northern California. We offer inventory management control and cross-docking as well as order fulfillment. Our extensive co-manufacturing capabilities combined with our warehousing and distribution services allow us to offer complete, end-to-end solutions.

Inventory Management

Interpac offers just-in-time inventory management services. By handling both your production and distribution with an integrated system, we dramatically increase your ability to respond quickly to supply chain surges and eliminate the cost of transporting inventory to a separate distribution facility.

Our inventory management system enables your products to be traced and accounted for by the manufacture date and lot number. Our computerized tracking system provides detailed product accountability from the time it enters the warehouse until it is shipped.

Temperature Controlled Storage

For products with cool temperature requirements, our cooler and cold room storage facilities are strictly maintained to provide an optimal environment for your products.

Shipping & Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment
Pick, pack, & ship in case and pallet quantities
Web fulfillment

In addition to warehousing, Interpac offers reliable order fulfillment. Whether orders are for single items or multiple pallet loads, we will retrieve the items and package them securely for shipping.

Product Samples Management

Delivery of sample products is one of the most influential tools in your sales process.
We are careful to select only flawless representations of your product and package and ship them according to your specifications. Our facility includes a dedicated temperature-controlled sample room to protect your products while awaiting shipping.

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